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We get all kinds of thank-you’s and atta-boy’s — via letters, email and IM — here are some of our best.

Its very hard to use the tools that you and paula have taught us i want to revert back to the old me (self centered dont care about anyone but myself and fuck the world) but im not giving in to it.

Hi ND family-here's an update on my dad~He is terminal. The drs' have given him until Christmas! After some blood work from the chemo-therapist last Thursday, they found the cancer is spreading too fast to do anything else. I am feeling huge waves of deep sadness, angry, confusion of the dr's choices, shock and all the feelings that come w/this news. I'm just feeling what I feel at the time those feelings come, surrounding myself w/loved ones (like you all) and others to support and comfort me and learning how to ask what I need and want. In the midst of all these feelings, (however odd it sounds and a bit unexpected with my past losses) there is a calmness and peace. I view this part of my life as 'a part' not the whole. Although painfully intense, the meaning I'm putting on 'my event' is clearer. I attribute this to ND & HG to a giant degree.

The one thing I have come to realize about my fear I was unaware of until recently is what my fear was about. My biggest fear was about my emotions and REALLY fearful about other people's emotions.  I feel like I was in an emotional prison and didn't know I was holding the key to let me out.

Life just seems to keep getting better and better. As you know though my life on the outside has had some trials. Money wise I have less than I have ever had in my adult life. In the past I would have been pissed about that but material things have gone way down in importance in my life.  Thanks for the daily emails they are helping to keep me thinking about what's important.

Who I am is a spiritual being that is a human having a human experience. My purpose is to learn who I am and I do that by learning how I feel. I also think my life has been to change the direction of my family generation in the future to stop the abuse and dysfunction. I am here to help myself and more importantly make this world a better place.

I feel more calm and peaceful internally than I ever realized was possible. When I am on my deathbed I hope to be at peace with my passing knowing my spirit doesn't die.  My mark I want to leave in the world is more love acceptance kindness and patience so everyone around me feels safe to feel. Making people feel safe is so important.  It has been the most important thing for me.

Yes, ND is powerful stuff and everyone should doubt about it!
I made a lot of friends at ND....a whole room full. It was an amazing weekend and I would like to thank you and the amazing Paula for it!!!!!

Lynda and I are always so excited when we figure out "our stuff" and then we get to the joy.  We get more positive all the time.



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