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New Directions Workshop

About your instructors Matt -n- Paula Perelstein

Dear soon-to-be-friend,

Let us introduce ourselves, and give you a little background…
a. We were originally trained by a worldwide organization that no longer exists: Dreikurs Relationship Centers of Boulder, CO. We took two years of intensive instructor training (in fact, that’s where we met, and we’ve been married 22 years!), and we were certified instructors for them for almost
10 years.

b. We are California-certified Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Crisis Counselors. Paula does this as her full-time job at Project Sanctuary.

c. Matt is certified to administer, assess and debrief Six Seconds SEI Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

d. Matt is also a certified Nurturing Parenting instructor for Family Development, Inc., an evidence-based program recognized by SAMHSA and the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

e. Paula and Matt have been teaching New Directions for 25 years now, with over 2,000 happy(er) graduates in 4 states!

After seeing what this course has done for past participants, we feel it’s our personal mission to make this knowledge available to as many people as possible! In each of the last 3 ND classes, I have someone look me in the face, with tears in their eyes, and said, “If it weren’t for ND, I wouldn’t be here.” These simple, yet profound, Emotional Intelligence principles have totally changed lives, the life of everyone in our family and the lives of about 2,000 of our friends. It would be an honour to share these principles with you!

At this program, you will meet a great group of like-minded, growth-oriented people, many of whom could (and probably will) turn into new friends, supporters, cheerleaders, even business contacts. After people feel safe, and are totally “real” with each other emotionally, it forms a special bond of trust that can last a lifetime.

We would also recommend you consider bringing family members, friends, business partners and even co-workers to the course. Not only will this give YOU more emotional support and understanding by having people around you who ‘speak the same language’ as you do, but you will also connect with each other on a level deeper than you may have ever experienced before.

So, is this course right for you? The simplest way to decide is to look at your current results. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your current level of happiness, your relationships or your success, then you owe it to yourself to register for the New Directions Weekend today.

This course will change your emotional life.  Guaranteed.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to meeting you in person soon.

To your freedom,

– Matt -n- Paula

P. S. We teach our programs using high impact, “accelerated learning technologies” so that you learn faster, remember more and have a more enjoyable experience, all while you heal and growing emotionally!

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