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Read / Listen / Watch ND grads talk about their experiences before, during and (especially) after the workshop!



We get all kinds of thank-you’s and atta-boy’s — via letters, email and IM — here are some of our best.

ND is very important to me Matt so if the opportunity presents itself I would love to join you and Paula for your new road in ND. So I asked about taking a trip during school and if need be I can make it work. Thanks for the, well thanks for everything. ND ROCKS

Richard Ives, 10/26/10
I found my peace.
There's a 17-year-old private that has been on my shoulders for 40 years, that I've been able to put down.
When I left on Sunday, I was walking on air.
The overwhelming feeling I have is still one of relief and being cleansed.
I cannot say enough positives about you and Paula! Both of you were fantastic and I look forward to the next time.
The weekend was a life-changing emotional bootcamp.

D. B., Lt. Col.-retired, Vietnam veteran, 11/25/10


Larry, Vietnam veteran
Many of my most genuine laughs, most joyous experiences, and most human moments have been among friends during a New Directions weekend. I have also brought my husband and other good friends to New Directions in order to offer them a new discovery of themselves--the best gift anyone could receive.

Julie B.
An intensely educational experience!

Pam B.


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One minute testimonials

My old camera could only hold videos up to 1-minute on a floppy, so here are some quickies

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Watch their faces closely, and you can see they have sincerely benefitted from this EQ work

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Troy |
Michele |
Ex-military couple learns intimacy and love at ND|

TV Shows and Video

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Just for fun, here are some silly folks practicing teamwork and togetherness

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