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Read / Listen / Watch ND grads talk about their experiences before, during and (especially) after the workshop!



We get all kinds of thank-you’s and atta-boy’s — via letters, email and IM — here are some of our best.

Changed my life for the better, now I get to help others.

Lourie B.
My friend Matt teaching us about EQ! Contact him for info on New Directions - an entire weekend course on EQ. It's life changing. I attended 3 times!

Andra C.. teacher
XOXO To my amazing program with tons of information that we weren't taught growing up. Life changing experiences every time I go, I learn!

Lourie B.
So grateful for what I have learned and what I will learn. It truly brings more happiness, peace and love into my life. It helps me to not take others stuff personally and to be a better me.

Michelle P.
ND is the jump start to awakening from unconscious incompetent irrational beliefs ruling ones life. The group is for continuing this awareness of breaking down one irrational belief at a time, turning then into productive rational beliefs. The work begins by living new beliefs in order to create a new pathway in our brain... then become unconsciously competent.

Lynda A.
New Directions Changes Lives Forever!

Jeannie W.


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One minute testimonials

My old camera could only hold videos up to 1-minute on a floppy, so here are some quickies

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Watch their faces closely, and you can see they have sincerely benefitted from this EQ work

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Troy |
Michele |
Ex-military couple learns intimacy and love at ND|

TV Shows and Video

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EQ-101, Show 1: The Art and Science of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)|
EQ-101.2: The Art & Science of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)-Emotional Healing|
EQ-101.3: The Art & Science of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)-The Power of Anger|
Emotional Intelligence – Emotional Healing demo tape|
New Directions EQ Workshop – pro video clip1|
2GetHelp4Veterans Education App|
Combat veterans heal PTSD and emotional wounds of war|
FoxTV Guests: ND Emotional Intelligence Workshop|
Touch for Health Intro|


Just for fun, here are some silly folks practicing teamwork and togetherness

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ND Group Cheer 1|
ND Group Cheer 2|
ND Group Cheer 3|

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