Success Stories

Read / Listen / Watch ND grads talk about their experiences before, during and (especially) after the workshop!


I walked in with great reluctance on Friday night and came out on Sunday with a lifetime of insight. I went to New Directions after my therapist had suggested it. Never before had I been so aware of the feelings and the power they carried inside me! Especially anger and sadness. But the most important thing that I learned was that I needed to feel a whole range of feelings before I could become whole again. It was a very scary position to be in but facing the fear gave me the inner power and knowledge that the feelings of anger, fear, sadness and being happy are within my control and gave me back some control over my own life.

Patrick S.

Dear Paula & Matt, I want to say thank you for starting New Directions. I don't think you fully appreciate what last weekend meant and did for me. I have recommended the program to my pastor and other friends and your ministry is in my prayers. Paula you were correct in that I was sitting there Friday night as a block of stone, you just picked the wrong type. You said granite but I ended up being sandstone. I don't know if you have been to Lake Powell in Az but the canyons there are sandstone and quite beautiful. What formed their beauty was the flow of water. Why I say I was sandstone is that as everyone helped me lower my defenses and let my emotions show. The tears cut away at the rock and let me see who I am, and that I am all I need to be.

Garrick S.

I am able to make my life look like I want it to look. I am no longer depressed and only get angry appropriately. I can stand up for myself. I make things happen in my life, in my relationships, and in my work. I am nicer and more fun, and people like being around me more. I am truly happy and have been for years now. I am able to live on the coast (and long-term dream); I am in a wonderful, long-term relationship. I am truly living my dream. Thank you Matt and Paula!

Valerie G.

New Directions has changed my life in many ways large and small. The first thing that happened to me in my very first class (August 1989) on the very first night was the safety and security to finally begin to grieve the death of my mother (16 years from then). It was an incredible experience, such a relief and so cleansing. The next day I got to find out that I was not the only person there experiencing panic anxiety and again was given the safety and security to work through the feelings without masking or running from the anxiety. So that was just my personal stuff, then my husband was there with me and we got to do a lot of work on our feelings about the relationship. It was a very busy weekend and I was validated, encouraged and loved through it all. New Directions gave me tools and taught me how to get through the hard times in my life. I also met wonderful people in the classes; many who I still have close and dear relationships with.

Helen T.

An intensely educational experience!

Pam B.

Many of my most genuine laughs, most joyous experiences, and most human moments have been among friends during a New Directions weekend. I have also brought my husband and other good friends to New Directions in order to offer them a new discovery of themselves--the best gift anyone could receive.

Julie B.

Larry, Vietnam veteran

I found my peace. There's a 17-year-old private that has been on my shoulders for 40 years, that I've been able to put down. When I left on Sunday, I was walking on air. The overwhelming feeling I have is still one of relief and being cleansed. I cannot say enough positives about you and Paula! Both of you were fantastic and I look forward to the next time. The weekend was a life-changing emotional bootcamp.

D. B., Lt. Col.-retired, Vietnam veteran

ND is very important to me Matt so if the opportunity presents itself I would love to join you and Paula for your new road in ND. So I asked about taking a trip during school and if need be I can make it work. Thanks for the, well thanks for everything. ND ROCKS!

Richard Ives

I'm grateful to be feeling all the feelings I have had because of the steps I've taken and the friends I've met along the way to help me. Each of you are a part of that journey~ Thank you.

Linda Lou

I really connected with some awesome people and know they are on the road to a better way of life. I did learn some fabalous things like, I still have difficulty dealing with the beliefs that I have put on men in general. Still dealing with the anger with mom. Love you!


Thank you for sharing and trusting and welcoming me over the ND weekend. You all are very special, very caring and power-filled people. Please do stay in touch!


ND was the dif. between me being stuck in PTSD or being able to sleep at night without medication.

Larry, Vietnam veteran

So today in class, I chose to not take personally the fact that the teacher did not accept my answer as correct. I had to think about it for a few minutes, but then I remembered what I had read in the book, "You do not react to words; you react to what they mean to you." And I also recalled where it said, "...Once you realize you are the one who creates the meanings, which results in your feelings, then you have the power to change your feelings." I am glad I have this knowledge now. Thank you!


For many years of my life, I was victim to my explosive reactionary behaviors. I remember many people asking me what I was so angry about. I was always confused by this, because I didn’t recall feeling anger; I was always sure that I felt fear. This conflicted observation often made me more afraid, and I would react again, so that even the people who were trying most to help me were not safe from attack. I never understood why people were so offended and hurt by my behaviors. Others were able to show their emotions, but mine continued to be too much for others to handle. This caused further feelings of isolation and depression. I learned to repress all emotion for fear of the destruction that they would bring. During those months, I must have appeared pathological, with no affect at all. I grew exhausted with keeping it all contained, and I without a way to demonstrate my emotion, I was leading a life of incomplete communication. I was slowly imploding on myself. Finally, through the encouragement of good friend, I met the staff of New Directions Workshops. Through their safe and effective guidance, I was able to identify the stages in my development when unusual life events deeply altered my normal emotional growth. I learned how the snap decisions made in such critical times were still influencing the way that I handled the circumstances of my daily life. I discovered that I approached every day choices with the intensified vigilance of life or death decisions. I learned how to gage my level of personal safety and how to employ it in my relationships. I learned how to adjust the volume on my emotions to have proportionate responses. I will always have more work to do, but now I understand myself and the work that needs to be done, and I am confident in my own ability to do it.

A.J. Seargeant, Gulf war veteran

Hey guys! Thanks for everything, the workshop meant so much to me. Things have been going pretty well aside from feeling nauseous all the time. I've been using the tools I gained in ND. I've been really trying to keep my wall down and let others in, it's actually really rewarding:) Thanks again!


Yes I am Ok; I was talking to my daughter and I shared how I would get fear,anxiety,sad and alone and did not know what to do with my lonlieness,since being a child near death and not able to see my mom. She said so what brought you out of it,then it clicked when I was well enough they wheeled me in a hospital room where I met billy And I HAD FUN WITH A FRIEND,and didnt care who or when anybody would pick me up or love,or take care of me I did emotionaly I did . So now I know when I feel abondoned,hurt,or start to feel sad and alone espiecally when my s. o. withdraws can save and love myself with fun, a friend,or laughter etc. because I proved it to myself at 6 years old.I also found out I;m jeoulous of m. because she Knows how to be free. I think it's so wonderful to have a teacher when I have been so rigid. Thank you mat and paula soooooooooo much love you both ,ever your friend buck.


Thanks! The Celis's are the family we are in part cuz of ND. As you already know ND changes lives and FAMILIES! Thank God for ND!


The class went great for me, getting closer and closer each time. Letting more and more out. Your an inspiration, I appreciate your knowledge and strength. Thanks you guys. Also, my wife is considering this class. So I am very excited!!


Because of ND I'm actually not stressed at all, which is remarkable for me. And suddenly I'm able to interact with my roommate without all of the resentment. Very cool.


I can't even say in words how much better I feel Thank you all so much ND ROCKS (Priceless)

Richard, Somalia veteran

I just really want to thank everyone for such a wonderful life changing experience.


Great things happen here!!!! Changed my life in many ways!


Thanks for the great weekend of hope and enlightenment. Today I have actually been resting, I called in sick and slept until 10 am, which is a very rare thing for me. I am full of love and have a lot of hope.

J.A., Somalia veteran's wife

Matt, I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate what you and Paula do for people. It has changed my life and I will be recruiting people to the program as much as possible because it's that amazing. The people at ND feel more like family than my own blood. It's sad to say, but it's true. I would have never had the strength to face my brother and get my daughter if I didn't go. She and I are SO happy. She is excited to go through ND. She said she sees such a change in me and that I'm so happy it seems like I'm on crack, lol! Good stuff! - CM, 3/10/11.


Thank you everyone for a wonderfully emotional weekend. I know I was a tough one to crack (and still am:) ) but I sincerely appreciate all of the effort. I feel like I now have a third family (Celis' are my second) of amazing people that I can be honest with and show my true self to (the self I rarely let myself see!) Thank you for everything and I'm hoping to try to make the next session to continue to increase my own EQ and hopefully help out others begin the journey:) I love you guys!


I was so happy to be there to be "the example" as Michelle put it. I know that I certainly dealt with a lot and in doing so feel like I was able to help others that much more. I was so happy to be there!


Life feels good again. Finally. :)


This program, with a doubt, saved me.


I was blessed enough to see Dave transform at ND and wow it was awesome, vey powerful. When Richard went to ND and got home I was blessed enough to have my husband back. Great job!!!


Great to see you guys ,Matt and Paula...I love you....I felt so blessed by that little girl coming up to me and giving me kiss.....Isn't just great to be a caring, feeling and living being. thank god for New Directions and all the help it has given my whole family over the years.




It was great being at ND this last weekend. I let myself be emotionally open and I got rewarded for it by everybody there and by myself by not judging myself to do better. Love you all who were there!!! I LOVED being a REAL part of the weekend. (I'm patting myself on the back!)


Awesome interview~Awesome guys! ND brought me back to life.


What a rewarding weekend! Man! I was so glad to see you all. :) Lots and lots of love!


Matt and Paula....I'm doing really good. I am emotionally recharged, however, physically drained. Both my husband and my mom gave me a lot of validation and that is so very beautiful. I am setting a goal for myself to make sure that I work on my self worth. I know I have a lot of work left to do, however, there is no doubt that I have the ability to do it. Thank you very much for all of the support. All my love.


Thanks, i sure have learned a lot from all that you teach. So thank you and Paula for teaching it.. Oh and the best part, i'm helping sara grow up emotionally too... One thing i realized about her is she's physically 10, mentally 20, and emotionally 4....Yeah, now i can see her and help her, not only understand her emotions, but help her to accept her emotions and express her emotions.


What you are offering to the vets and their families comes from the heart and is so very healing for them. You folks are doing great work. I love to watch the shifts in people as understanding, release and validation become a part of their lives.


My neice K is doing great. She and the other girl her age from the course talk every day. She calls me when she needs/wants too. She is so happy with the results of her work and loves you guys.


Bless ND for bringing these ladies into my life!!


I'm grateful to be feeling all the feelings I have had because of the steps I've taken and the friends I've met along the way to help me. Each of you are a part of that journey~ Thank you.

Linda Lou

This program, with a doubt, saved me.


Like I was saying it is most difficult to take in the love thing and give at the same time, it always has for me. I seem to be stuck on that and do not know what to do with it or how to change it. I did learn some fabalous things like, I still have difficulty dealing with the beliefs that I have put on men in general. Still dealing with the anger with mom. I really connected with some awesome people and know they are on the road to a better way of life. Love you.


The New Directions Workshop 2/19/11 - 2/21/11. This was a FANTASTIC (and intense) three day workshop where I assisted. There were several vets in the class and I was priviledged to be a part of their healing. Matt and Paula Perelstein, the course directors, have made a profound difference in many lives, including my own. The course is open to anyone, not just vets, and I personally encourage those in need of a 'new direction' to attend!


(to his wife...after class) We're at right now is the best place we can possibly be for our future. I am so thankful that we have the tools now to know and to use for our relationship and for our marriage in the future. I love you, honey.


What an incredable weekend. I changed some pictures and feel strong!


It was odd to me that all the pain in my neck and back went away after ND. Didn't think I was carrying my anger that way.


Hey guys! Thanks for everything, the workshop meant so much to me. Things have been going pretty well aside from feeling nauseous all the time. I've been using the tools I gained in ND. Ive been really trying to keep my wall down and let others in, it's actually really rewarding:) Thanks again!


Yes I am Ok; I was talking to my daughter and I shared how I would get fear,anxiety,sad and alone and did not know what to do with my lonlieness,since being a child near death and not able to see my mom. She said so what brought you out of it, then it clicked when I was well enough they wheeled me in a hospital room where I met billy And I HAD FUN WITH A FRIEND,and didnt care who or when anybody would pick me up or love,or take care of me I did emotionaly I did. So now I know when I feel abondoned,hurt,orstart to feel sad and alone espiecally when my s. o. withdraws can save and love myself with fun, a friend,or laughter ect. because I proved it to myself at 6 years old. I also found out I;m jeoulous of michelle because she Knows how to be free. I think it's so wonderful to have a teacher when I have been so rigid. Thank you mat and paula soooooooooo much love you both ,ever your friend.


Great things have happened there for over 20 years and what they said just keeps ticking in my head, like the energizer bunny....ticking on & on & on & on (:(: XXXOOO.


Because of ND I'm actually not stressed at all, which is remarkable for me. And suddenly I'm able to interact with my roommate without all of the resentment. Very cool.


Great things happen here!!!! Changed my life in many ways!


The impact that ND has on peoples's lives is what ND is all about. ND helped me to find the powerful person inside me.


Ok, so I plan on getting very involved in your program, not only as a volunteer, but to also help in any way to help get donations to your scholarship program. I will volunteer my time. I just believe in your program SO MUCH. I was telling my Aunt this morning, it helps people see "what lies beneath" I had no idea what was down inside. I knew some of it, but what was deep down, showed me what was right in front of me. The most helpful thing for me was to see that my abuser STILL abuses me. I didn't realize that. Since then, I have taken back my personal power, removed my daughter from his toxins, and removed my relationship with him because I know that in no way is it healthy for my life and my well being. Blood or not, I don't need that in my life. I feel so alive!! More alive than I have ever felt, and each day I find more and more peace and happiness. I have a completely different outlook on life. All my thoughts and actions are through love and positivity. I even got past some struggles I was having at work, and I feel free from that agony I was feeling at the time. I no longer dread going to work, and I have improved by so much in my job in such a short time that everyone at work took notice. I have been more motivated than I have ever been, and I have more energy than I have ever had, I changed a lot of my bad habits, turned them into healthy ones, and I have been losing weight. I am learning to like and love myself. I am so happy all the time that my cousin tells me I'm constantly glowing, beaming and smiling. My daughter sees such a change that she asked "mom, are you on crack" LOL. My Aunt said I don't get angry and irritated anymore. My patience level is amazing. I feel calm and at peace. I am so happy inside. I want to see others benefit from ND as I did. I'm starting with my daughter and brother. Ok, let me know if I can help. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


NDers are the coolest people ever. Sure glad to be one!!!


Glad you found another powerful tool, Karen. Just goes to show that even the long-time NDers are always learning, too. Love ya. :C )

Julie B.

Hi Gay-I too can relate to your "kids" experience, I am challenged by my kids too. I remember the 3 A's from ND and it helps me-being AWARE, being ACCEPTING (so hard) and taking ACTION. My awareness is I ask myself, is this about me or is it their issue and what am I saying to myself what am I feeling (empowered, capable, rejected, de-valued), am I accepting of where I am and who I am and who they are at that very moment just for that moment (am I judging me, doing the shoulda, coulda, woulda dance to me) and then what am I (me, myself and I) choosing to do about this experience. Check out what you have shared above using the 3 A's and maybe this will help. - Linda

Linda Lou

I am proud of myself for how I handle situations with people now a days. I just wish I was at this point sooner in my life and maybe things would be different. Nevertheless I would like to thank Doc, Matt, and Paula for their teachings throughout my life.


I talked it out with this friend, and as it turns out, my friend is not the person I was really mad at. One more reason to love ND, finding ways to dig deeper, talk it out, and find what's really going on. All is well, and my friendship has been repaired. But I still need to punch a pillow for the person that I am angry with. I'm just not near as mad as I was the past couple days. Thank you all for your love and support!!!!


Tuesday night I had a moment where I was sad/hurt so I just stayed with it and just let the tears come and let it all out. Wednesday was such a great day and the only thing that I could think of that I did different was what I did the night prior.


I'd like to share a few thoughts with you ND'ers. Although I have not been to ND for awhile now, I am still actively focused on working on my core issues, both at home and at HG. Since I retired from the County at the end of March, I have felt a sense of freedom that I have not felt in a long time. I am free to focus my time and energy on what I CHOOSE, not what someone else chooses for me. I can make my day whatever I want it to be - I am completely in charge of me! Contrary to what some may think, I have not given up anything (except slavery); rather I now have the time and energy to focus on the things I love to do - with some financial constraints - nevertheless, I am in charge! Now the only person I can blame for having a bad day is me! And if I don't like how it's going, I can change it. Wow - I love having the power to make those choices. I am totally responsible for me - if things get screwed up, I can't blame. I can just say to myself, well, that was interesting. What did I get out of that? What can I learn from that? What's that, you say? I always did have the power to make those choices? Probably, but I didn't know how to do both - be a slave to my employer and be a fake person every day, then go home and be a loving wife and mother. So, I don't always multi-task very well. That's ok - I don't have to now. I can choose to, if I want to, and that's a big difference for me. I am just loving my freedom and feel that whatever comes along I can handle it. And if I stumble, I know there are people out there who care about me who can give me the support I need when I need it. Of course, this doesn't mean I have a perfect life - far from it. But the difference now is that I THINK I can handle most of what comes at me. I have choices - and now a lot of them are MY choices! I may slip back a couple of steps once in awhile, but I know how to get back on track. And that feels great!


I felt like I was in an emotional prison and didn't know I was holding the key to let me out.


I am really in a good space. I feel so grateful ... Grateful about life, everything life has provided me and what is yet to come. Yep... Life is very good...


It turns out I don't give myself enough credit for how far I've come, how much good I've done, or for who I am. I'm making positive changes in my life, doing my absolute best to focus on the good, and beating up on myself less and less. It's time to let myself be, to accept myself for who I am, and to learn to love myself the way I have been able to love others.


Thanks ND my life just keeps on changing


It is life changing that I left the guilt that I carried on my shoulders for years in that class and walked away with the power to change the harmful relationships in my life for ones that are good for me(: which ultimately saved my children also ... Love you guys. I can never really thank you enough (:


I am learning that other people have a lot of problems with me, and that is NOT MY PROBLEM! Thanks guys for all the support you rock!


ND you are great!


When I first walked into New Directions, at 5’ 2” and 130 pounds, I carried the energy of a giant. I was suspicious, I was guarded, and I was doubtful that one weekend was going to make much difference when nothing else to that point had. I had all but given up hope that I would ever be a fully functioning wife and mother, but my mother had paid my way through the course and when I commit to something I usually follow through come hell or high water. That weekend was the beginning of a journey that eventually led me to be able to heal my wounded spirit, to find happiness in my life, to enjoy my husband and my children, to change my negative behaviors, to let go of all the negative labels placed on me by family members, which I had accepted and even strove to live up to! I began to grow in my understanding and to increase my capacity to love and accept myself, and more importantly, to actually feel grateful for all the things I had lived through as a child and as an adult, because it was those experiences that gave me the ability to protect my children in a way that I had not been protected, and to give them what I never had - - Two parents living under the same roof, safety, healthy role models about love and sexuality, and the freedom to express their feelings… . . . This growth did not happen over night. I cannot pinpoint the exact moment that I felt “healed” and that I could have a healthy relationship with my husband and the kids. It was a series of small steps that I took over a period of time as I continued to return to the New Directions workshops. Until that time, I had read every book imaginable about healing from sexual abuse, I had spent thousands of dollars for therapy, but it was not until I took the New Directions course weekend that all that knowledge and therapy I had undergone truly began to take root. It was not until the workshop that I began to understand what had happened to me, why I behaved the way I did, and more importantly that what I did to survive as a child was truly amazing, because “I had survived it” without the use drugs and/or alcohol, and with a relatively healthy capacity to love. I just had to find a place that made it safe for me to express all of the emotions that had been stuck in my system as a result of my childhood traumas. Just as important was learning that each emotion has a specific feeling and purpose. I learned that I protected myself with my anger growing up, but that as an adult I am not living in the kind of emotional or physical peril I did as a child. Now, as an adult, I can choose who is safe and I don’t have to be angry all the time. I can still use my anger appropriately to protect my family, and myself, and to set boundaries for others, but it does not have to be overwhelming or rage filled, nor does my anger have to be a lifestyle. I can now show those people I choose to trust my vulnerable side. The techniques or “tools” I learned at New Directions changed my life and it can change yours as well! I began as a student over 12 years ago with New Directions, and have continued to return to the workshops to assist others as they begin their journey to emotional wellness. Today, at 45 years of age I am FREE to live my life without the overwhelming pain, anger and depression.


ND was a blessing for me I feel so great. yeah I have my ups and downs but its ok. I found that some days i still put on my pin from graduation and other ask me how do I feel like that? And I am like, well there's this class called ND and it is amazing.


This was an awesome experience in growth for me, as well as others. I love my ND family and feel the love from them. Looking forward to the next class. : )


ND was awesome great class! I am so blessed to have you all in my life supporting me!


Idk what i expected outa my boyfriend going thru but I sure got more than expected. It's like we have an intimate connection that wasn't there b4! He told me he feels like a different person! He's excited 2 assist next class!


Lynda and I are always so excited when we figure out "our stuff" and then we get to the joy. We get more positive all the time.


es, ND is powerful stuff and everyone should doubt about it! I made a lot of friends at ND....a whole room full. It was an amazing weekend and I would like to thank you and the amazing Paula for it!!!!!


Who I am is a spiritual being that is a human having a human experience. My purpose is to learn who I am and I do that by learning how I feel. I also think my life has been to change the direction of my family generation in the future to stop the abuse and dysfunction. I am here to help myself and more importantly make this world a better place. I feel more calm and peaceful internally than I ever realized was possible. When I am on my deathbed I hope to be at peace with my passing knowing my spirit doesn't die. My mark I want to leave in the world is more love acceptance kindness and patience so everyone around me feels safe to feel. Making people feel safe is so important. It has been the most important thing for me.


Matt, The one thing I have come to realize about my fear I was unaware of until recently is what my fear was about. My biggest fear was about my emotions and REALLY fearful about other people's emotions. I feel like I was in an emotional prison and didn't know I was holding the key to let me out. Life just seems to keep getting better and better. As you know though my life on the outside has had some trials. Money wise I have less than I have ever had in my adult life. In the past I would have been pissed about that but material things have gone way down in importance in my life. Thanks for the daily emails they are helping to keep me thinking about what's important.


Hi ND family-here's an update on my dad~He is terminal. The drs' have given him until Christmas! After some blood work from the chemo-therapist last Thursday, they found the cancer is spreading too fast to do anything else. I am feeling huge waves of deep sadness, angry, confusion of the dr's choices, shock and all the feelings that come w/this news. I'm just feeling what I feel at the time those feelings come, surrounding myself w/loved ones (like you all) and others to support and comfort me and learning how to ask what I need and want. In the midst of all these feelings, (however odd it sounds and a bit unexpected with my past losses) there is a calmness and peace. I view this part of my life as 'a part' not the whole. Although painfully intense, the meaning I'm putting on 'my event' is clearer. I attribute this to ND & HG to a giant degree.


Its very hard to use the tools that you and paula have taught us i want to revert back to the old me (self centered dont care about anyone but myself and fuck the world) but im not giving in to it.


B and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. we went to Tahoe Joe's for lunch then up to Millerton Lake for a hike. I don't think we would have made it to 7 without ND. Thank YOU!


New Directions is awesome. Not only has it helped me to help myself, but it has also helped me to help other people. When patients tell me they're sad, instead of trying to brush it off and tell them things like, "Don't say that," or "Everything's going to be fine," or "focus on the positive" like my coworkers do, I'm able to validate those feelings and let them know it's ok to feel the things they feel before trying to motivate them to continue. This weekend, a friend of mine was going through essentially a break up with her girlfriend and I felt like I was really able to be there to support her and her feelings without telling her, "It will all be ok" or giving her unhelpful advice like, "you should break up with her." Instead, I told her it's ok for her to be feeling what she was feeling and advised her to let herself feel and then figure out what she needs from the relationship before making any decisions. Last night, I got a call from her and she told me: "I made a list of the things I need. I need to be in a monogamous relationship. I need to have her show up for dates...etc." I felt so happy and proud of her (and myself for giving good advice). Anyway, I didn't used to be comfortable with negative emotions and was one who wanted to make people feel happy, so I'm feeling really thankful for the Celises and ND for giving me that. :)


You really are living by this aren't you mom! I am in awe everytime I see you work through something that would have knocked you on your ass in the past! You are amazing!! I was telling R. last night how you have grown up so much emotionally and how you are the mom I always dreamed of! I am able to come to you with just about anything and you are there with so much love and acceptance! No judgement! You listen and you don't criticize, you tell me about one of your experiences and you let me figure it out. You are amazing mom!!! I love you and I wish everyone out there had a mom just like you.... Better yet I want to be a mom that's just like you. And because of you, I really think I can:)! (mom's response) K, That is one of the biggest compliments that a daughter could say to her mom. I am so full of love and emotion. I truly love you unconditionally.


You gotta know how different I am, and how I'm starting to actually love myself!


This morning I feel Ecstatic. My mind has been quite still which I have not had for a long time and I don't miss the chatter in it. Life is awesome today :D


learned how to work through my pain during a weekend workshop with New Directions.


These classes and this group are life changing!! :-) :-)


Matt and Paula..the number of people u two have helped is still going on and on. My time with u was by far the most important time of my life..for oh so many reasons!! I will always love u two...Ty Ty


HI Matt (N Paula) Thanks for letting me "play" this weekend. It was GREAT. What a pleasure it was to meet you and get to know you. Good Stuff, Good Stuff. I look forward to May! ND works! Too bad NIKE took "Just Do It" because it would fit ND SOOOOOO much better! Good on Ya!


New Directions is a program that I have been involved in off & on for wow 15 years or more. It has changed the course of my life and helped me to keep working towards learning how to do things differently. Paula & Matt are AMAZING!!!!


All the messages I was told growing up.... that I was stupid, that I would never amount to anything. it took time to realize that those where other people's beliefs, but they did not have to be mine. All of you who had worked on old childhood messages and beliefs can understand how hard and scary it is to fight against those dysfunctional beliefs systems, but I can assure you.... you don't have to perpetuate those beliefs. You can create your own. I love my new belief systems I have created for myself.


Today I am so grateful for the courage to create a new life for myself. I am happy! I have a full life, a great circle of friends, an amazing spiritual circle and work that I love. I have traveled and am planning more trips. I learned that :"This too shall Pass" with the love and support of great and wise friends, healthy teachings, thank you ND, and the belief that I deserve to be happy and that my Creator wants the best for me. As I think about my future I am excited to see what wonderful adventures are next. Look forward to seeing my amazing ND circle in Oct.


The really great part is that there is no prerequisite. It doesn't matter where you come from, how much you know or how much you don't. The only requirement is to be willing to open your mind and relearn the way you live. And the rewards are more than worth it. Just my thoughts on it.


Hey Bro - you remember my story? I knew nothing of New Directions when I came to my first class. I had no pre-conceived notions, and didn't know what to expect. However - I learned heaps about myself and began to be able to put that knowledge to work for myself - so I can be in charge and live my best life. I can't thank you enough.


I started like C.. it was suggested I come to class in order to help with my business... like get out of my own way.. the rest is history!!


Matt, it is a process. I think you have been granted a vision of the majesty of love and peace that mankind is capable of experiencing ... And you want that for everyone, being the kind person you are. I'm guessing that you are fatigued by leaving that vision high in the mountains, coming down and helping people get onto that track so they too can see from that High place. That's tiring! I know! It is precisely that vision, high on the mountaintop, that gives us the energy to encourage others to walk the path. Be strong, brother; there are even higher plateaus. - Shalom


Weather its big or small New Directions can help heal all. I have 100% hope/faith in ND. Its helped me more than I ever thought imaginable.


Heard about it through a friend who had received much value from the experience .... and I was tired of caring the emotional baggage. Actually I was exhausted and quite desperately looking for help.


I was in no crisis whatsoever when I first took ND. Invited by a friend for an exciting adventure. Now I invite others for the same reason. We all know now that we get sooo much more. Thanks for good work and sharing.

Tom O

Thank u Matt and Paula for being who u are ! I was in A big crisis , biggest one of my life ! I was looking for help , didnt know we're to turn , found u on Internet , was scared deeply hurt to the core and u and ND actually saved my life, of course I'm still learning and plan to continue to learn! Also thanks to Melann 6 yrs or so she told me about ND , I thought that was great it helped her , but until I was desperate I could'nt see spending that much money on myself , I've never done anything like that before, I guess what I'm trying to say theirs all kinds of reasons people don't do things , so don't take it personable , some of us were taught u crazy if need help !


I came to ND because I was invited by my cousin. I Had No clue of what it was about. I was not in crisis when I came. I had already been through lots of therapy throughout the years of my life. And never really understood that it was about "Feelings" I could not identify most of them when I attended class. I just touched the surface or the first layer piled off with my first class. I know that there is so much more to learn about myself I'm excited to say that I will be attending other classes to do just that.


was hurting, big time, and a kind soul made an anonymous donation for me so I could attend. I'll always be grateful to that person for doing that. I had been attending HG for a short time, and heard about ND, but it really wasn't explained much, so it sounded "scary" to me! I have never regretted going.


KK told me about ND and loaned me the money to go. I was approached that it was a class that could help me in my life. You can call it being a ambulance chasher ...HOWEVER I needed an ambulance. To give me care..not only physically..but emotionally and mentally!! Thank God for the ambulance. I didn't even realize how much help my "being" required until I got a experienced diagnosis! I AM ALIVE !!! It doesn't matter WHY it matters that I DID :):)


Well it worked...and I never felt it was a tear down way. It was necessary..loving..and balanced..and safe. It was magical and life changing, I will always be grateful...feel blessed and special.


My mom brought me to ND when I was 13 and in big trouble. I was in and out of Psychiatric hospitals and determined to take my own life. I can honestly say that ND is one of the primary factors in me still being here today.


We have healed so much in our lives and some of us had pretty big sores so it has taken longer. We had a magnificent support group and family who still is my family after 26 yrs later. I am going to the wedding of two that went through 26 yrs ago and the others I still communicate with. I loved everything about it!


On July 20th the Post Partum Program is sending a TV Crew to our house to interview our family! HOLY COW!!! They are making a documentary about Post Partum Awareness!! And using our family as one of the cases and interview. I am so proud of my kids I could explode! And I had to share this here. I started ND when I was about 26 yrs old. I am going to be 50 this Christmas GULP. It is amazing how much ND and our family within it have touched our lives. Taught us, pushed us... and helped shape my family. I just wanted to say I am so grateful for each and every one of you that have shared our bumpy imperfect journey. Matt and Paula I don't really want to think about what shape many of us would be in without your love, wisdom and guidance all these years, and while we are being interviewed, I would like to share a piece of our ND experiences if that is ok, along with promoting Post Partum Awareness and encourage people to REACH OUT! There is so much help out there!!

Loving Lourie

I had no idea just how drastically my life would change in just a few short days. I was in a horrible place in life and to make a long ugly story short I was miserable and could see no way out of the black abyss I felt I was in. All it took was one blank text to give me the courage to take a blind, head first leap of faith. My life now is as close to perfect as it could possibly be.

AL on Facebook

I struggle with an overall sense of fear and last night I decided to go into my fear 100% and it dissipated the fear almost instantly because I didn't fight it or resist it. I was crying and feeling but I felt relieved and strangely calm after.


I know what love looks like its 5 foot 4 inches blonde hair beautiful and she's my wife. love doesn't always have to sacrifice but through this cancer T's love has proven to be more than just a feeling its been an act of her will. She amazingly stayed balanced with support prayers and love from God, friends and family. Empowering herself and then in turn empowering me. She has been cheerleader, confident and caretaker. I am Sure I could of made it through this without her but who in their right mind would want to. I feel so blessed to have her and all of you in my life.


The biggest lack in our mental health system is anger work. We are letting people down in our society by not figuring this piece out on a national level. Other than New Directions and possibly the program that UYO morphed into, there is not much else out there. I want to be on top of things and to be able to recommend what I think will work. Tops on my list best used in combo or one at a time: AA (any 12-step, using or not) New Directions Individual therapy The Family Nurturing Programs I firmly believe that if anyone will avail themselves to these programs, they could improve EVERY area of their lives. The other things available, like Landmark, are better than nothing, but not as powerful as New me, that is mainly because of lack of good anger work. Those that say, "We'll do that if the student says that's what they want," is bull. VERY FEW people want to do anger work when they don't even know what it is or that it can be totally safe. So, leaving it loosely up to participants doesn't cut least not enough for me to actually recommend it. So, there's my interest...saving the world.

VG, Parenting Instructor

Doing the work is so worth it.


Thank you Paula and Matt! You two continue to warm my heart and love unconditionally. You two have been in my life for a long time and I appreciate and value your friendship.


Glad I have a place to express my heart! :)


ND was the single most changing agent I have ever experienced.

Val G.

I want to thank New Directions workshop for showing me how to use what's already inside of me. I've learned how to have healthy control of my emotions -- instead of no control or completely out of control. I look to coming back to Assist at a New Directions workshop as an Assistant. I just want to thank Matt and Paula for all that you've done for me, and my family, and I thank you with all my heart... for all the Assistants' help and everything that has lead me into a new direction that I can face my emotions with more strength, confidence and courage. I just wanted to thank you again, with all my heart. God bless you all and keep up the great work.

Valerie Hanford

Still ONE of the best things I've learned. :)


I love being able to say, "... and that's not my problem". And, sometimes people are surprised at what I consider, "that IS my problem.", because there are so many things, these days, that I can effect/affect. When we have the power over our own thoughts and feelings, and can manage ourselves properly, I/we are powerful beyond anything we previously thought possible (Woohoo)!

Matt Perelstein
My favorite L.j.-ism is still #GetIn_GetItOut_GetOn

Matt, Paula Perelstein & Doc, you gave us, and are still giving us your most precious GIFTS,, now, ,,,I liken to release of your beloved Children to thrive onward. Your wisdom lives within us. LOVE TO ALL YOU, my fellow NDers. :)


Ultimately we are all better off for having experienced the ND weekend (it changed my life dramatically), and who knows what the future will bring?


You have helped so many people who continue to help other people, your ripple is huge! Love you!


I love you both. Thank you so much for helping me to change my life.

Julie B

I benefit and use my experience from ND every single day of my life.

Tom O.

There never was a doubt that you and Paula have helped hundreds. I will forever and more be grateful for your help.


Hey bro, what you guys do is, and always will be, vital and necessary.

Steve (in New Zealand)

You and Paula changed my life and have done the same for so many people. That's a huge success. Don't lose sight of all the good you've done. I love you both.


I can't describe well enough how much the concepts of ND have helped me in my everyday life and assisted me with how I can help others with what I've learned. In fact, I just used my ND way of thinking to help diffuse a very fiery situation last night. Plz always remember that u have our support. We love you both dearly and want ND to successfully continue and grow as much as u guys do. :) :)

Christina PC

ND changed my life in so many ways. That are still applicable.


Please know that you and Paula have done beautiful work that has improved the life of so many. I would not be doing the work I am doing today if you had not led me to change the meaning of "who do you think you are". I will always hold you both and ND in my heart. Much love to all of my ND peeps!


Thank you Matt, Paula, Sharon, and Doc for having such a major impact in my life. You four are what have made me into the man I am today.


By the way Doc Downing now that Matt Perelstein has brought this up, because of all that you taught and I learned in Saturday group I am a person that I truly am amazed by every day! I know I've told you this SO many times but I believe Saturday group has had the biggest most powerful impact that helped me change my BS (belief systems). I am forever grateful for Saturday group and ND! I wouldn't be who I am without them!


Love u both to the moon and back !!! Thank you so much for all the love and support, you both are beautiful people Thank you. thank u. Thank u. , I hope and pray you all come back !!!!!


Hanging in there, Matt. Using the tools that came to me through you so very many years ago. Love,


It is a beginning of what can be a great life, if you choose :) You know that for sure!!!


You know Matt Perelstein, I would not be who I am today or where I'm am today with out finding ND and doing all the hard work I was able to do those intense weekend. Because if ND I have a box of tools I can use now to deal with life. Without the love and support of the ND family I shutter to think of what my life would be like. I am eternally grateful to you and Paula and ND. I did not get here alone. They say it takes a village to raise a child. It too a village of ND family to help me. Each one of you have left your footprint in my heart :)


What I came for was to feel better. What I needed and consequently worked on was empowerment, loneliness, guilt and yes even anger. Was a very powerful weekend.


Thank you! All my travels have brought me home... not to Cali but to myself. And I am safe, good, powerful and beautiful! Thanks for noticing. My time at ND has taught me how to excel at everything I've tried. And I'm happy to share it with anyone ready and/or willing!


This workshop is amazing when you trust the process! I encourage you to watch the video, check out the info and give the workshop a try. You'll be so glad and thankful that you did, I am!! I went my first time in 2008 and my life changed for the best!! I continue to attend because I love the group and support so much!

Christina PC

Love to my new tribe! I'm so grateful to each and every one of you and helping me open up and allowing the light to shine through again life will never be the same I'm looking forward to sharing my next chapter with you and hearing about all your emotional conquests I'm feeling the love and empowerment of your love notes :) thank you so very much I love you all :)


It was a great beginning - a new way of thinking and reacting. I cleaned out my emotional closet and left a lot of baggage behind.


Next month Fresno will hold a weekend seminar to help people from emotional, physical and mental abuse! Addiction etc! It's one of the best programs I have ever attended! Empower YOURSELF! I am a survivor of physical, mental and verbal abuse! I am taking my power back!!I will never allow anyone to hurt me again! I will treat myself with love and kindness! Will you??.


Sure...29yrs ago and I still remember how great and honest it felt. If the rating is 1-10 I would give it a 100!!!!!!!!!!!


You truly can get 5 years' worth of therapy in 1 weekend.

VG, MFCC Therapist


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