Dates & Location

2017 ND Workshop Weekend

Upcoming Workshops

  • March 24-26, 2017 – Fresno, CA

Fresno Courseroom: 140 W. San Jose near Blackstone and Shaw. Map

Class Schedule
– Friday evening: 7pm-11pm
– Saturday: 9am-8pm
– Sunday: 9am-7pm
– Graduation: Sunday evening: 7pm-8pm

Managing your emotions puts you in control of your life! If you don’t know how you feel, or how to manage your feelings, you can’t make good decisions, nor love fully and wisely. We have found no other way, no venue, no work, no therapeutic approach, that compares to the intensive, immersion process we do in our weekend workshop.

We know it may be difficult if you have to travel to Fresno, CA… I wish we could do this online, or even by phone… but the personal connection/interaction is critical/wonderful. Many others have had to travel to see us (and we travel to teach each class), and trust me, it’s worth the trip!