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We get all kinds of thank-you’s and atta-boy’s — via letters, email and IM — here are some of our best.

All the messages I was told growing up.... that I was stupid, that I would never amount to anything. it took time to realize that those where other people's beliefs, but they did not have to be mine. All of you who had worked on old childhood messages and beliefs can understand how hard and scary it is to fight against those dysfunctional beliefs systems, but I can assure you.... you don't have to perpetuate those beliefs. You can create your own. I love my new belief systems I have created for myself.

It was odd to me that all the pain in my neck and back went away after ND. Didn't think I was carrying my anger that way.

S. W., 11/28/10
"New Directions is a program that I have been involved in off & on for wow 15 years or more. It has changed the course of my life and helped me to keep working towards learning how to do things differently. Paula & Matt are AMAZING!!!!"

HI Matt (N Paula) Thanks for letting me "play" this weekend.  It was GREAT.  What a pleasure it was to meet you and get to know you.  Good Stuff, Good Stuff.  I look forward to May!  ND works!  Too bad NIKE took "Just Do It" because it would fit ND SOOOOOO much better!  Good on Ya!

Matt and Paula..the number of people u two have helped is still going on and on. My time with u was by far the most important time of my life..for oh so many reasons!! I will always love u two...Ty Ty

These classes and this group are life changing!! 🙂 🙂




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