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We get all kinds of thank-you’s and atta-boy’s — via letters, email and IM — here are some of our best.

I want to thank New Directions workshop for showing me how to use what's already inside of me. I've learned how to have healthy control of my emotions -- instead of no control or completely out of control. I look to coming back to Assist at a New Directions workshop as an Assistant. I just want to thank Matt and Paula for all that you've done for me, and my family, and I thank you with all my heart... for all the Assistants' help and everything that has lead me into a new direction that I can face my emotions with more strength, confidence and courage. I just wanted to thank you again, with all my heart. God bless you all and keep up the great work.

Valerie H.
Anyone dealing with anger, depression, sadness, issues with lack on control or self esteem?
I highly recommend this class! I have taken it and assisted at them.
I consider this "life changing".
Help yourself, you are worth it!

Sherry F.
What you do at ND can translate to a much more harmonious life if you practice the skills at home with supportive friends.

Patrick M.
I just wanted to thank you for leading such a healing class this weekend. You are amazing and I’m so grateful I get to attend these classes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Chelsea M.
This workshop is amazing when you trust the process! I encourage you to watch the video, check out the info and give the workshop a try. You'll be so glad and thankful that you did, I am!! I went my first time in 2008 and my life changed for the best!! I continue to attend because I love the group and support so much!

Christina T.
The most powerful group I’ve ever experienced is New Directions, which puts on weekend Emotional Breakthrough courses in Fresno, California. I highly recommend it.

Cary P.


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One minute testimonials

My old camera could only hold videos up to 1-minute on a floppy, so here are some quickies

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Watch their faces closely, and you can see they have sincerely benefitted from this EQ work

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Troy |
Michele |
Ex-military couple learns intimacy and love at ND|

TV Shows and Video

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EQ-101, Show 1: The Art and Science of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)|
EQ-101.2: The Art & Science of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)-Emotional Healing|
EQ-101.3: The Art & Science of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)-The Power of Anger|
Emotional Intelligence – Emotional Healing demo tape|
New Directions EQ Workshop – pro video clip1|
2GetHelp4Veterans Education App|
Combat veterans heal PTSD and emotional wounds of war|
FoxTV Guests: ND Emotional Intelligence Workshop|
Touch for Health Intro|


Just for fun, here are some silly folks practicing teamwork and togetherness

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ND Group Cheer 1|
ND Group Cheer 2|
ND Group Cheer 3|

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