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We get all kinds of thank-you’s and atta-boy’s — via letters, email and IM — here are some of our best.

My neice K is doing great. She and the other girl her age from the course talk every day. She calls me when she needs/wants too. She is so happy with the results of her work and loves you guys.

"What you are offering to the vets and their families comes from the heart and is so very healing for them. You folks are doing great work. I love to watch the shifts in people as understanding, release and validation become a part of their lives."

Thanks, i sure have learned a lot from all that you teach. So thank you and Paula for teaching it..

Oh and the best part, i'm helping sara grow up emotionally too... One thing i realized about her is she's physically 10, mentally 20, and emotionally 4....Yeah, now i can see her and help her, not only understand her emotions, but help her to accept her emotions and express her emotions.

AV, 2.1.11
Matt and Paula....I'm doing really good. I am emotionally recharged, however, physically drained. Both my husband and my mom gave me a lot of validation and that is so very beautiful. I am setting a goal for myself to make sure that I work on my self worth. I know I have a lot of work left to do, however, there is no doubt that I have the ability to do it. Thank you very much for all of the support. All my love.

What a rewarding weekend! Man! I was so glad to see you all. 🙂 Lots and lots of love!

"Awesome interview~Awesome guys! ND brought me back to life."



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One minute testimonials

My old camera could only hold videos up to 1-minute on a floppy, so here are some quickies

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Watch their faces closely, and you can see they have sincerely benefitted from this EQ work

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Ex-military couple learns intimacy and love at ND|

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Just for fun, here are some silly folks practicing teamwork and togetherness

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