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ND Rocks!

There's help

There’s help!

Are you hurting, or pissed off, or afraid, most of the time?  We can help.
Discover life-changing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills… quickly, safely and profoundly.  In just 1 short weekend, you can make SIGNIFICANT emotional changes inside of you. We’ve been teaching NDs, in Fresno, for over 25 years now.   Take the leap…. you really can feel better, amazingly quickly… just by dealing with your feelings and emotions.  It’s all done with love, respect, joy and caring for each other, and each other’s feelings.  ONCE A GRADUATE, ALWAYS  A FRIEND!  (about 80% women attending this weekend) March 13-15, 2015 (tomorrow!) Fresno, CA #NewDirections, http://www.NewDirectionsWorkshop.com/

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