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EQ Social Media Inventory

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as of 4.7.2018


Matt Perelstein
New Directions Workshop
Eucalyptus Products


Matt Perelstein (2,000 friends) 
FB-NDG = New Directions Group, (closed, 230 grads)
FB-NDW = New Directions Workshop pages (1,500 likes)
FB-EIA = Emotional Intelligence Applications (6,000 members)
FB-EIN = The Emotional Intelligence Network – Facebook (6Sec, 26,000 members)  – or –
FB-EQE = EQ Educators and Parents Network (2,500 members)
FB-EQ = FB-Emotional Intelligence Rocks (3,000 likes)
FB-EQR = EQRocks on Facebook (500 likes)
FB-E1T1 = Each-1-Teach-1-EQ (20 likes)
FB-EQYoung = Emotional Intelligence Solutions for Young (200 members)
FB-SnS = Sew n Sew Fabrics and Notions, Fort Bragg, CA (> 100 likes, 1st week)


Matt Perelstein (1,700 connections)
LI-EIN = The Emotional Intelligence Network (103,000 members!)


Matt Perelstein’s EQ channel (13,500 views)
3 Steps to EQ Video (1:12, my fave!) – or –
EQ-101 Playlist (7 half-hour EQ trainings)
ND 1-Minute Testimonials Playlist (5 videos, 5 min. total)


Matt Perelstein (1,700 followers)
EQRocks (2,000 followers)!/eqrockseqheals
2GetHelp4Vets (400 followers)


EQRocks (175 followers)


Matt Perelstein (130 followers)


Matt Perelstein (370 followers)


EQ Cafe (42 members)
EQ In-person Support Group – Fresno, CA (144 members)

EQRocks (7,000 views)

Doc’s Book on Smashwords

TCOYL, EQ-101 textbook (30 likes)
“Taking Control of Your Life: How to Dramatically Increase your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)” by Myron Doc Downing, PhD, LMFT.  233 pages. Edited by Matt Perelstein. – or –

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