Karen’s Story

Meet Karen, one of our favorite students at New Directions. Karen was a deeply troubled soul when she first came to us. After 10 years of traditional psychotherapy, she was stuck in an abusive relationship, was having thoughts of suicide, and had a nervous breakdown which landed her in a psychiatric hospital for six months.

At first, Karen she didn’t know what to expect from the workshop but she decided to trust the process. As a survivor of childhood molestation, it was here that for the first time in her life she met others with similar issues who provided her with comfort and understanding. And unlike her therapists office, where she used to emotionally numb herself, New Directions taught her how to release her anger, by expressing it in healthy ways.

Karen went from someone with almost no self worth to a vibrant, self‐loving person. She saw how unhealthy and abusive her marriage was and was able to leave, realizing she doesn’t have to look to others for her happiness.

She has now been a healthy, loving relationship for over 10 years. And after feeling like she was stupid all her life, she was empowered to go back to school, graduated from Fresno State, with honors, and is now completing her Masters Degree to become a therapist.

Karen got so much personally out of the New Directions program, that she decided to give back to others who are suffering and has continued to participate for the last sixteen years.

Here at New Directions, we believe that the last great adventure on earth is the journey inside our own heart, mind and body. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is critical to making good decisions in our lives, as it affects every single thing we say, do, believe and experience! It’s about understanding, accepting and managing our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and underlying belief systems, so we’ll know what’s happening inside us. With EQ, we gain the the power to make our lives look, and more importantly feel, as great as we can.

In school, we were taught IQ ‐‐ the left‐brain logic, reason and knowledge needed to get a job ‐‐ but we’ve all heard stories of very smart people making very dumb choices (high IQ, low EQ). What’smissing is the power and passion of the right‐brain (EQ) that we are not taught anywhere else ‐‐ our creativity, intuition and joy, along with our new ability to connect deeply with ourselves, and to others ‐‐ to understand and master lifeskills principles and techniques, makes ND a safe place. We make it totally safe on the outside, so you can explore (and conquer!) the scary stuff on the in You could never feel alone, again!

Thru a series of powerful, time‐tested individual and group exercises, we can help heal your heart and emotions ‐‐ to Release‐Replace‐Rejoice old pain, anger and grief from your past ‐‐ to start anew; refreshed, rejuvinated, relaxed and hungry for more ‐‐ more joy, more love, more life!
Make an enlightened breakthrough at a New Directions (ND) weekend. In a loving, accepting, super‐safe environment, ND can help you discover a whole new world of emotional mastery inside yourself, to bring passion, wisdom and meaning to life!

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