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Proposal: EQ Could Change the World from the Inside Out!

With EQ, Everyone Wins!

We’ll get right to the point. We believe that you want to change the world. We believe that we know a way to do that, and with your assistance we can make it happen.

In our view, many of the today’s critical social problems are solvable. Problems like domestic violence, abuse, addictions, divorce, mental health issues, suicide, crime, and even war. What these problems all have in common is that they stem from human behavior. They all begin inside of us.

Since we are all free to decide on our actions, it follows that people are actually deciding to commit these destructive behaviors. The problem is that while our behaviors are made up of both thoughts and feelings, many people today aren’t properly in touch with their feelings. We believe that people are making decisions based on an incomplete picture of their reality. Logic is king, and feelings and emotions are the poor step-child, only to be dealt with when they get out of control.

By teaching people Emotional Intelligence (EQ), we believe we can change the world from the inside out. If we can show people how their thoughts and feelings operate together, they can make better decisions because they’ll have a much more complete view of themselves. If we can show them that there’s more to their reality than what they’ve previously imagined, they can and will make better decisions about themselves, their families, their friends, and their environment.

Every behaviour a person commits — every action, every movement, every word spoken or written — is based on some combination of thoughts (cognitive) and feelings (affective). Yet while cognitive, intellectual, left-brain ‘book learning’ (IQ) is taught in schools, demanded at home, and expected at work, our right-brain, creative, feeling-based, emotional capacity is not nurtured to nearly the same degree, often resulting in ignorant, self-serving, irresponsible, even dangerous behaviours.

2GetHelp’s mission is to relieve many of today’s social problems that are a result of people not knowing how to properly deal with their right-brain feelings and emotions.

We have found that Emotional Intelligence training leads to a simple, yet critical shift in human consciousness which we call “emotional responsibility”. The training teaches people that they have control and ownership of their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. No one can “make us” angry or “make us” hit someone. We have a choice in what we think, and how we feel. We can feel angry or not. It’s completely up to us.

This shift in Emotional Responsibility leads to Personal Responsibility. We believe that emotional intelligence training could eventually lead to Social Reform for our country as a ‘team’, with other countries as ‘friends’, and even our planet as ‘home’.

This may be the most grandiose project that’s ever been submitted to you!

Our research has already indicated that EQ education is making a significant impact in schools with students showing improved attendance, test scores, and even information retention. Studies have shown EQ to be effective for students both with and without emotional and behavioral problems, and effective for students from urban, rural, and suburban settings across the K-12 grade range.

And EQ training has been shown to have a positive impact in the work enviroment as well, with better communication between employees, improved individual effectiveness and customer service, and even less employee turnover.

EQ has also proven to have a positive impact on mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Veterans with PTSD have benefited from EQ training in their recovery. And many people who were considering suicide have reported that EQ training “saved” their lives.

Nearly everyone who receives EQ training reports a reduction in stress, and numerous studies have shown that stress is correlated to phsyical ailments such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, and arthritis. When you consider that forty-three percent of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress, you can see that reducing stress is critical to our society. We believe that EQ training is just the way to do that.

EQ is becoming widely accepted as a viable, evidence-based intervention. There is a grassroots movement that’s already underway, with EQ coaching, training, and therapy available in schools, colleges, divisions of companies, and even the U.S. military, where 41,000 Army drill sergeants recently received intensive EQ training to pass on to the 1.1M US Army soldiers.

We want to be a centralized resource for those already teaching EQ together and expand the reach of EQ even further. Our plan is to create a worldwide support network available 24x7x365 online at 2GetHelp.com, by phone, and in person. This will include brick and mortar locations where we can study and research the best practices for emotional training and support, discover and document the most effective, evidence-based interventions available, create training materials, and recruit and train peer and professional providers around the world.

In addtion to seeking out grants from organizations such as yours, we plan to seek financial support through setting up a foundation in the near future, and we will also have branded products and services,  and a fee-based membership site.

We would again like to thank you for reading our proposal. Hopefully, our passion for this project has come through. We very much hope that you consider working with us, as we believe that your goals match up with ours, and together we can bring about a positive change in the world.


– Matt Perelstein


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