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New Directions Workshop Emotional Intelligence Breakthrough Weekend Feb. 16-18 – Fresno, CA @VMS Counseling Services

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How It Works!

In a super-safe, loving environment, we start by talking to your left-brain, so it can understand, accept and feel safe enough to give your right-brain permission to proceed. Then, we delve into your right-brain — to discover, release and transform, some of the pictures, sounds, voices, pains and anger from your past.

Emotional Intelligence(EQ) Is The Key!

Are your feelings working for you, or against you?

Do you feel your life is not in your control?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is critical to making good decisions, as it affects every single thing we say, do, believe and experience! It's about understanding, accepting and managing our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and underlying belief systems, so we'll know what's happening inside us. With EQ, we gain the the power to make our lives look, and more importantly feel, as great as we can.

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STOP self-defeating behaviors in your relationships, health & career.

Make better choices and decisions, using your heart & mind, thoughts & feelings.

Conquer anxiety, depression, and mood swings.

Improve your self-esteem, learn to like, even love yourself.

Get off the hamster wheel of programming you’ve been repeating for years and finally live on purpose!

About us

New Directions Training

About your instructors Matt -n- Paula Perelstein

Dear soon-to-be-friend,

Let us introduce ourselves, and give you a little background…

a. We were originally trained by a worldwide organization that no longer exists: Dreikurs Relationship Centers of Boulder, CO. We took two years of intensive instructor training (in fact, that’s where we met, and we’ve been married 22 years!), and we were certified instructors for them for almost 10 years.

b. We are California-certified Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Crisis Counselors. Paula does this as her, TO READ MORE Click Here

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